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Department of ECE is always aimed towards the holistic development of its students. Dedicated faculties with devoted supervise continuously monitor the individual student’s performance and accordingly help them to develop and prosper. Hands-on based practical classes supplemented with good lectures, seminars, interactive sessions, sharing eminent professional’s oration and above all obligatory stretch in books archive support the future engineers to shape themselves with more confidence, much innovative and sound. Individual student’s talents are identified and accordingly assignment based self- development is encouraged and guided by our experts. A well resourced laboratory with proper student strength and accessibility benefit them to exercise more and more and turns them capable to practically implement any project efficiently and effectively. Faculty wise is discipline is being maintained strictly and in-turn maintains a holly and peaceful environment for effective learning. Regular classroom teaching in Institute if not possible to conduct, even, is will adjusted by emphasizing on online classes only because of the committed and smart faculties. Exposure to different industrial units keeps the upcoming engineers to be more realistic and practical future of our nation. Personal level monitoring of each and every students by our responsible faculties develops a good student- teacher relation aiming towards better learning and turning greater.


The Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department has a rich tradition in research, teaching and dream placement opportunities. The research interests of the faculty members of the department encompass the wide area of applied and fundamental aspects of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Collaboration in between the research groups of the department and with other departments is also a practice. The broad areas of research and academic activities in the department are:
. Communication Systems
. Microelectronics and VLSI
. RF and Microwave Engineering
. Devices and Circuits.
The Department has strong and experienced faculty members specialized in all the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering. A great number of pass out students are currently engaged in cutting edge research fields or higher studies, placed in renowned MNC’s, and in different government sector engineering jobs. In addition to the well-equipped curriculum related laboratories, the Department has many state of the art facilities for assisting research and development in solid state devices, VLSI, RF Engineering, digital signal processing, communication engineering etc.


Electronics is now a part of our everyday life, from pocket FM radio to Televisions, Computers, Mobile phones and even Satellite Communication. It covers wide variety of applications like- signal processing, telecommunications, wireless communication and networking, microelectronics, Nano-electronics etc. Recent research based on nanotechnology and image processing is closely related to electronics and communication engineering. There are wide ranges of job opportunities for ECE students throughout the world. The ECE students can get job both in software and hardware field. In the field of communication side, mainly in companies like BSNL, NOKIA, SAIL, BHEL, ONGC, Airport authority of India Limited, Motorola etc. mainly students from ECE background are hired. ISRO also recruits students from ECE background.


• Anish Mukherjee, ECE Student of 2008-2012 batch, got selected in TVS MOTOR from total Eastern Zone.
• Didhiti Kumar, ECE Student of 2009-2013 batch, got Delivery of Excellency Award from IBM. • Ankita Dutta, 4th year ECE Student of 2011-2015 batch, got “College Blue Award” from JIS JIS GROUP at JIS SAMMAN, 2015.
• KajiKabir and Groups, published an International Journal"Design of Digital Arithmetic circuit by using Excess-3 code and 9's complement method", IOSR-JECE, PP:15-18, e-ISSN: 2278-2834, p-ISSN: 2278-8735, Volume 9,Issue 3, May-June 2014
• AnanyaMondal, 3rd year ECE Student of 2012-2016 batches, got 1st prize in “Painting” at JIS SAMMAN, 2015.
• KrishnenduGanguly, 3rd year ECE Student of 2012-2016 batches, got 2nd prize in “Short Film Presentation” at JIS SAMMAN, 2015.
• Bomanna Deepak, 3rd year ECE Student of 2012-2016 batches, selected to participate in a “Training Programme” at ASIAN INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY, BANGKOK, on the basis of his academic performance.
• Dilip Sheet and Gautam, 3rd year ECE Student of 2012-2016 batches, achieved a rank of 2378 in the Exam of Code-Vitae, Conducted by TCS.
• KomalPriya, 2nd year ECE Student of 2013-2017 batches, achieved a rank of 1336 in the Exam of Code-Vitae, Conducted by TCS.
• Mr. Ayan Chanda & Mr. Sayom Sarkar of ECE students achieved second rank in "Advanced Technology for Sensory Impairment" at “ SALAP Science Fair 2018 “.
• Sonali Mahato, Promita Nandi & Amitava Patra published International Journal Paper on "AUTOMATIC PLANT WATERING SYSTEM" under the guidance of Assistant professor Mr. Debraj Modak.
• Kaji Rajia Hasan student of final year completed awarded from Bolt IOT for inter prenuership program.
• Mr. Ayan Chanda & Mr. Sayom Sarkar of ECE students achieved second rank in District level science fair.

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